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This is a complete set of the main series, comprising 17 volumes.

It was published from 1982 to 2004.

The normal retail price for a new set is as per to-day € 2320 ( c. 2800 US$ )

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Julius Hirschberg


 Volume 2 :         The Middle Ages; The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

                           Bonn 1985, xv, 345pp          OUT OF PRINT!        € 180.—  








Volume 3 :          The Renaissance of Ophthalmology in the Eighteenth Century (Part One)

                           Bonn 1984, x, 422p. with many illustrations, plates and folding plates.

                                                                       OUT OF PRINT!        € 195.—









Volume 4 :          The Renaissance of Ophthalmology in the Eighteenth Century  (Part Two)   


Bonn 1984, x, 350p. many illustrations, two large folding plates of which one on hand made paper, two color plates and an impressive pasted in color facsimile (also on hand made paper).

                                               OUT OF PRINT!        € 195.—








Volume 5 :          The Renaissance of Ophthalmology in the Eighteenth Century (Part Three)

                           The First Half of the Nineteenth Century (Part One).

Bonn 1985, x, 392p., color frontispiece, many illustrations, facsimile on hand made paper of all the plates contained in Gottfried Zinn´s famous Anatomy of the Eye (1755), many full page plates, partly in colors.

                                                           OUT OF PRINT!        € 195,-- 









Volume 7 :          The First Half of the Nineteenth Century (Part Three: FRANCE)

Bonn 1986, x, 344p, many full page illustrations, a color plate and a large  folding plate on hand made paper.

                                                                                  OUT OF PRINT!        € 195,-- 









Volume 10:         The First and Second Half of the Nineteenth Century: The Netherlands / Scandinavia / Russia / Poland / Spain / Hispano-America / Portugal / Brazil / Greece / Turkey / The Balkan / Canada / Japan / Egypt.

                           Bonn 1991, x, 347, vii (index),

   many full page illustrations                                                      115,--








Volume 11/1a:   The Reform of Ophthalmology (in three parts) Part One

   Bonn 1992, x, 316, viii (index) illustrated                                115,--  









Volume 11/1b:   The Reform of Ophthalmology (in three parts) Part Two

                           Bonn 1992, xiv, 426p. illustrated                                            115.— 









Volume 11/1c:   The Reform of Ophthalmology (in three parts) Part Three

                           Bonn 1992, xii, p.427-757, xvi (index vol.11/1b+c).

   illustrated                                                                               115.— 









  The History of Contact Lenses (in three parts) Part One

Volume 11/3a                         “Early Neutralizations of the Corneal Dioptric Power”

    Oostende 2003, xvi, 363, index                                              85.-- 








Volume 11/3d:   Ophthalmology in the German-Speaking Countries  during the 20th Century

                           Bonn 1994, 410, xii (index)                                                   115.—  (€ 130 postage included)













(=Supplements to Hirschberg´s History of Ophthalmology)






This is a view of “THE MONOGRAPHS” as per to-day’s eleven published volumes.





The retail price of such a complete set as this one is € 2814 (c.3400 US$).

A complete,“ used” set (volumes 1-11, 1996-2004), in mint condition,  is available for


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Single, “used  volumes from “The Monographs” series



Volume One,  Part 1 & 2 (complete set)

                        Waugh, Richey L. THE EYE AND MAN IN ANCIENT EGYPT

Oostende 1995 (xxviii, 331 + xiii, 332-778) illustrated, glossary,

general index  and Egyptian Index (regular price € 390.—incl.postage)                                                                                                                                                                               











Volume Two, Part 1 & 2 (complete set)

                        Schett, Alfred & C.Richard Keeler THE OPHTHALMOSCOPE

                        Oostende 1996-1997, (iv, 425) + (xii,226)

                        Regular price  320                                                      200.— 










Volume Three 

                        Georg Bartisch  OPHTHALMODOULEIA-That is the Service of the Eye

First English translation (by Donald L. Blanchard), 92 full page colored illustrations, 2 pages anatomical layers. More than 500 pages (in small folio).

Oostende 1996

Regular price € 450                                                      220.— 









Volume Four (in two parts)

                        Hugo Magnus

                        Ophthalmology of the Ancients (Part One & Part Two)

                        Oostende 1998-1999, xxiv, 255,xviii (index) + xviii, 232, index

                        Regular price   345                                                   € 220.— 











Volume Five

                        John Jeffries (1796-1876)

                        Lectures on the Diseases of the Eye

                        Edited by Daniel M. Albert

Oostende 1998, xxxii, 212, 1 facsimile manuscript page & 11 color illustrations.

Regular price € 160                                                       99.— 











Volume Seven (Part One and Part Two)

                        Jean-Paul Wayenborgh

                        IBBO-International Biography and Bibliography of Ophthalmologists

More than 3000 ophthalmologists from the Antiquity until to-day listed with a short

curriculum vitae and a bibliography of their published works.

Oostende 2001-2002

Regular price € 198                                                      120.— 










Volume Eight

                        Julius Hirschberg

                        The Ophthalmology of Aetius of Amida

                        Translated and commented by Richey L. Waugh

                        Oostende 2000, xii, 287

                        Regular price € 198                                                       120.— 










Volume Nine

Gunter von Noorden


Oostende 2002, xii, 305p., 265 illustrations

Regular price   180                                                     125.— 










Volume Ten

Saiichi Mishima


Oostende 2004, xiv, 450p., hundreds of illustrations in colors

Regular price € 195                                                      135.—









This picture shows a complete set of Hirschberg with “The Monographs”.

The retail value of the two complete sets amounts to € 5134 (c. US$ 6419).

These two sets does include the out-of-print volumes!

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